Domesticated Elephants standards has created best practice standards of welfare, living and working conditions for all Elephants Tourism Industry.

Have been looking after the elephants for 10 years. I have learned a lot about them from spending close time with them.

I have to admit that I used to work with them in many different camps which work

differently from what I am doing now. Deep down I always wanted to change the way we treat the animals and make a difference for them. We only hope that what I do will inspire others to treat them the way We do... we want to thank you guys today for being a part of this change

and I hope you all have an amazing experience That you never forget in your life.

Why we doing this? Why we don't leave the elephants alone in their own environment ?

Since the growth of our city and population and how popular the elephants are in Chang Mai,

there is no room for the elephants to be able to live alone and be safe.

This is the reason that We want to make a difference

and how we can help them to survive in 2019 ( Covid ). Elephants can eat up to 150 -250 Kgs and drink 150-200 litres for a day and with that

amount of food they will have to hunt across human lands and that will put them in danger.

So having them here is one way to save them from local farmers who have different thought towards them. Farmers need their crops to survive and will protect them from the elephants.

I will explain what they like and don't and please don't do what they don't like. I don't think anyone want to mess with the giants right.

plain...more about them. Your experience with the elephants.

Full day

(9-12 Persons ADay)

Pick up at Hotel in Between 8:30-45 Am

in City Only.

Travel about 1 hour 10 minutes. To the meeting point9.45 - 10 am.

Change cloths and get into the Bamboo Rafting to the Camp.( Support LOCAL )

After We will walk in to the camp and get more information of

the domesticated elephants and wild elephants in Thailand.

Prepare to cutting sugar cane or bananas and grass to feed them.(Fruits in season)

Also make the photos and watch them all the reaction of those giants.

Make healthy organic medicine.

Lunch time 30-45 minutes.

Prepare to make food for them again.


ㆍPrepare to bathe and play with them at river.

ㆍ After Bathe we will feed Medicine and food for them.

ㆍAnd Prepare to get back to city in between 4-4.30 pm.

Total time travel return 2.30 hours.

Total time with elephants 4.30-5 hours.

(Depending Group).

Group for a day 9 persons only.

Share Elephant: 1 elephant for 3 persons 2,500 Baht

Private 4800 Baht. per person.

Tour including For full day :

Transfer from hotel. (city only) Meal, Fruits (In Season) and Water all day

insurance. (Thailand Local Insurance)

Uniforms,food for elephants, photos.

Half Day

(9-12 Persons A day )

Pick up at Hotel in Between 7-7.30 Am in City Only.

Change clothes and get some information

about elephants.

Make medicine,feed elephants and WALK WITH DUMBO

will see all reaction of them around 30-40

minutes bathe with elephants

Late Breakfast and fruits

11-11:30 am back to city around 12.30-1 pm.

Share Elephant:1800 Baht

Private 2500 Baht per person.

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